Saturday, July 14, 2012

tool 3

Using videos in educations in education is a very powerful tool.  When I was in the classroom, I often times used video and clips to drive home a point.  It is my opinion that all subjects have some really great video feeds that students can use in during the learning process.  As a teacher, this was my belief and not that I am a parent of school age children, I see my children using the media for a variety of learning situations.  The thing students need to remember when they are using media within a project, that they don't participate in plagiarism.  I honestly believe when students plagiarize it is because of lack of knowledge.  As educators, it is our job to make sure we teach the rules and to do this, we need to also keep up with technology and it's nuances.

I chose this video to upload since kids are going "gaga" over angry birds.  this is a way for them to also see the science of the phenomenon.

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