Tuesday, July 31, 2012

tool 9

Technology is here and it is here to stay. There are may teachers that don't want to use technology in their classrooms and I feel it is because they have fear of loosing control. When I was in the classroom, I taught often times using stations. I have found that kids that kids can find out more dept about a subject when stations are used.

When using stations, teachers need to PLAN. The plan needs to include the outcome the teacher wants from the students. This will hold students accountable for what it is to learned from the stations.

The great thing about the ipad is that there are many free apps that students could use in the classroom to make more creative projects
123 Charts and Animation Creator Lite are two that I have used and the final project would be  
the way to keep kids help accountable

Ipads can be used as a direct link to the internet where kids can research subject, look up words and take notes simultaneously during class lessons for better understanding.

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