Tuesday, July 31, 2012

tool 7

One of the things I'm most interested in as an educator of low SES students is giving students opportunities to get to know things outside of their regular surroundings. I think sometimes kids choose not to attend colleges out of their comfort zones because of fear of the unknown. I would love to create a median where students in my high school could collaborate with freshman in colleges around the nation. I know there would be some logistics because my students are minors and kids in college are adults, but a peer collaboration would be a fantastic use of digital collaboration between campuses. When students learn about other cultures, they will have an eye opening experience and, they learn more about the world and their realization will increase.

Content objective
Students will get questions answered by peer teleconferencing with a student on partner college campuses.

When I plan to implement
I have other counselor friends that are college counselors and previous students that are present college freshman and sophomores that i could find a campus to do this with in the fall.

What tool I plan to use
Possible tools for this would be Skype, FaceTime, Blackboard or Elluminate.

A brief description of the project
Once the school year begins, I could have a link added to my district home page that would allow students to access the college campuses via the link. This beyond the classroom collaboration could be used all year.

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