Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tool 6

The state of education is quickly moving towards a paperless school system.  Textbooks are too expensive and can be lost.  They are hard to carry with you anywhere.  Electronic books cost less and are easy to carry with you anywhere.  Emodo is one way teachers can interact with students in a teaching forum.  My daughter, an eight grader,  took an sigh language class this summer.  Her teacher used Edmodo to give and receive assignments from students.  She was very successful in this class.  I have chosen to make an Edmodo account for me to see how it could work in a classroom. My edmodo account

As I said before, I have always used Google docs with others.  I receive documents from the special education department through google docs and this summer the testing data base was created through a google docs forum. Parents called with information and I enrolled students for the STAAR test using google docs.   This is the first time I made a document for others to edit.

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